I’m Fernando,

A Mexican-American USER RESEARCHER and DESIGNER fueled by my need to improve an inefficient and unintuitive design. I genuinely get upset when I use a product for the first time and it's confusing to use. It’s what motivated me to study Cognitive Science at UC San Diego

While collaborating on projects, I learned that user design was more than just making a product that looked cool. It’s about making a product that looks cool AND is easy to use. We can’t improve a product if we don’t first figure out what issues our users are having. I want to find the pain points in a product. I enjoy deep diving. This in turn brings forth a design that is efficient, user-friendly, and inclusive to ALL users.

Some of my hobbies include making playlists on Spotify, sketching, taking photographs, watching movies, video editing, and making music.   

Fernando Reyes Jr, LOS ANGELES & SAN DIEGO, CA.